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Stuff I Like:

"A Mind for Numbers" by Barbara Oakley, Ph.D.

Have you ever read a book that changed your life? Before finishing "A Mind for Numbers," there were few books that had a profound, lasting impact on my life: "The Tao of Pooh" and "Zen Guitar" were two big ones which altered my spiritual beliefs. "A Mind for Numbers" changed how I view my own abilites to learn complicated information - I was able to immediately apply each skill presented in the book and once I closed the back cover, I knew I wanted to go back to college for computer science. (I've also declared a minor in physics, that's how much this book made me love numbers!). Even if you're not interested in STEM, Dr. Oakley presents her own experiences with learning Russian and the tools provided in the book can be used for anyone who wants to improve their learning capabilities. Now that I'm almost finished with my first semester of college, I can say I've heavily relied on the "eat your frogs first" mentality - do the hardest task of the day first thing as soon as possible!