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Musing #1


I'm in my second semester of my freshman year and all but one of my classes are online, meaning I've been able to work ahead a bit on assignments. This has given me some free time compared to last semester, so I started the C++ course in Codecademy to give myself something "big" to focus on. I'll eventually take a C++ course in school, but I'm impatient and I want to build cool stuff right now! :)

While I work on assignments or personal projects, I always have to have some sort of music on or I can't focus. These Skyrim study videos have literally been carrying me through college, highly recommend checking them out!

This year I have a lot of goals, I figured what better way to organize them than to post them publicly online??

I have a feeling that this year is going to be Weird with a capital W - not only politically but socially. As someone who spends a lot of time on a college campus, I didn't expect people to be so withdrawn. Not that I'm a social butterfly by any means, but even for my introvertedness it's seemed unusual - like everyone is afraid to say the "wrong thing."

It's been hard for me to connect with anyone outside my close circle of friends. Creating this site and viewing other personal sites has been my way of reaching out into the void that is the Internet to search for meaningful connections. I've felt a much stronger sense of community by posting in guestbooks and reading various "About Me" pages scattered around these lesser-known corners of the web compared to the soul-crushing hellscape that the mainstream Internet has become.

Well it's almost 3AM here so I guess this is where my rant will end, but if you have similar thoughts or if you'd like to chat, send me an email!